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"We've Got Friends' Old School College Party Fundraiser: A Night of Fun for a Great Cause"

Candi Carter and Emerson Carter

Discover how We've Got Friends, a New Jersey-based non-profit, brought the community together for a memorable evening at their Old School College Party Fundraiser. From groovy beats to delectable treats, here's a recap of the fun-filled night that supported a noble cause.

On March 1st, 2024, The Grand Cafe & Bistro became the hub of excitement as supporters of We've Got Friends gathered for an unforgettable evening. The theme of the night was "Old School College Dance Party," where attendees were encouraged to flaunt their college gear and dance to classic hip-hop tunes.

The atmosphere was electric as guests arrived, ready to boogie down and contribute to a meaningful cause. Despite the nostalgic theme, there was a modern twist, with the event featuring a live band, Jackson Chery and IET band, playing favorite jams, ensuring the dance floor remained packed all night long.

Food, drinks, and camaraderie were in abundance, with attendees enjoying a delectable spread of culinary delights, including beer, wine, specialty cocktails, and savory bites from Jerkies NJ, a Jerk place located in Elizabeth NJ. Thanks to the generosity of sponsors like S&P Global, Diageo, and Harlem Blue, guests indulged in a variety of refreshments while supporting We've Got Friends' mission.

The success of the Old School College Party Fundraiser was evident in the enthusiastic turnout and the generous contributions made towards the cause. The event sold 118 tickets, raising over $13,500! With each ticket sold, funds were raised to support nearly four months of programming for teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities, furthering We've Got Friends' commitment to providing inclusive and engaging opportunities for all. Learn more about how to get involved, as a volunteer, patron, though special events, or through donations here.

For those unable to attend the event but still eager to show their support, a donation link was provided, allowing individuals to contribute to the cause online. Through shared efforts and community spirit, We've Got Friends continues to make a difference in the lives of those with disabilities, fostering a more inclusive and supportive society.

The Old School College Party Fundraiser was more than just a night of revelry—it was a testament to the power of community and compassion. As supporters danced the night away, they also danced towards a brighter future for teens with developmental disabilities. With events like these, We've Got Friends is not only raising funds but also raising awareness and building a more inclusive world for all. Catch up through pictures and videos on our Facebook & Instagram.


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