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Founding Story

The Story Behind We've Got Friends

Candi Carter

Candi Carter

Founder & President


Emerson Carter

Candi's Son

Greetings! I'm Candi Carter, a wife and mother of two wonderful children. My journey began when I realized that kids, specifically teenagers, like my son Emerson, faced a unique challenge – they often had no friends to call their own. Emerson, a teenager with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), couldn't simply join in on activities like other kids. Instead, he would typically accompany us or his sister to her events.


Moved by the desire to create a space where teens like Emerson could experience the joys of friendship, I set out to connect with other parents who shared a similar journey. This quest led me to a vision: a place where these incredible kids could come together, just like their peers, and enjoy life's simple pleasures – sharing pizza, grooving to music, dancing, playing, and so much more.

The result? A heartwarming initiative called: We’ve Got Friends (WGF)

Our gatherings have brought boundless happiness into the lives of these remarkable young individuals, providing them with a social circle they can truly call their own. While it might seem like a simple concept to some, the impact on the kids and their families who attend our social groups is immeasurable.

Join us on this heartwarming journey of friendship, inclusion, and unwavering support at WGF. Together, we are weaving a tapestry of joy and belonging for all.

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