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We've Got Friends is a program that provides hangouts for teens with special needs. It's a simple idea that has an enormous impact on the children and families who participate. Most teens with special needs have no sort of social circle. They have few friends and rarely get invited to parties or hang out as their peers do. This program helps these teens develop their very own social group through music, meals, movement, crafts, and dance. We've Got Friends is currently raising money to underwrite the costs to run the groups and provide services to families throughout New Jersey for free.

The Experience

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Friend Groups For Teens with Special Nee

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Friends of We've Got Friends

Volunteer With Us

Volunteer With Us

We welcome high school students looking to gain volunteer hours at We've Got Friends Hangouts. Please email click here if you're interested in helping out.

Donate Now

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We've Got Friends is raising money to grow our organization and service teens throughout New Jersey and eventually throughout the country. To donate to click on the link below. 

Start Your Own Group

Start Your Own Group

If you'd like to start a We've Got Friends group in your area, fill out the form below and let us know where you are. 


"We've got friends, oh yes we do..."
Tracy Ullman, Parent

Just having a friend is so important for teens with special needs. Once kids can hang out on their own, teens with special needs tend to be at home with no friends around and nothing to do. There are programs that provide sports and targeted activities but nothing where teens with special needs can just hang out relax and socialize like their typical peers. Creating this environment is what "We've Got Friends" is all about.

Want to start a group?

Interested in getting involved with We've Got Friends and discovering more about our work? Or starting your own group? Contact us today! Click below to send an inquiry to the program director.