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Our Mission

Social Hangouts for Teens with Disabilities

We create inclusive social spaces for teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to form meaningful connections with their peers. We host hangouts and special events where teens can make friends, share their unique talents and abilities, strengthen their sense of belonging, and gain self-confidence along the way. 

Our programming is free to participants and their families; we believe friendship should be accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, national origin, religion, or economic status. 



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"Gabriel is very…he likes to entertain, which I didn’t know. We notice that they come out of their shell. You see they have skills for communication that you may or may not have been aware of."

– Parent/Caregiver

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“At We've Got Friends, I am able to see my friends from my old school and even make new friends. My new friend is Christina and we get to hang out in trivia every week. “

– Participant

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