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Parent Agreement

Welcome to We’ve Got Friends! We are so excited to have you and your child as part of the WGF community. In order to keep all participants at WGF hang-outs safe, we ask that parents/guardians follow the policies and guidelines listed below. Please thoroughly review this document prior to attending your first hang-out. 

As you read, please initial beside each policy to indicate your understanding and agreement.

  • A parent/responsible adult must be present at all times during hang-outs regardless of participant’s age or ability.

  • ​Parents/responsible adults are responsible for supervising their participant at all times during hang-outs.

  • Parents/ responsible adults must register their participant online for hang-outs at least 24 hours prior to the start of the event. ​

  • Site Hosts and volunteers are not responsible for managing participant behaviors during hang-outs. Parents/responsible adults are responsible for maintaining the safety of their participant and addressing any behavior that may be harmful to themselves or other participants. ​

  • Site Hosts are responsible for maintaining and upholding the group agreements. Any concerns about other participant’s behaviors should be communicated directly to Site Hosts. Concerns related to other participants should not be addressed to volunteers or participants at hang-outs. ​

  • Parents/ responsible adults should notify Site Hosts of any necessary accommodations (including ramps, allergies, sound sensitivity, reading assistance, ESL etc.) at least 1 week prior to in-person hang-outs. If this notice is not given, Site Hosts may be unable to obtain the resources necessary to meet the accommodation. ​

  • All questions or concerns related to hang-outs should be addressed to Site Hosts. 

By clicking "I AGREE", I have read, understood and agreed with the above responsibilities and guidelines.

I Agree
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