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Steps To Join In On The Fun


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Take a look at our Virtual Events Calendar. Each Hang out will have a different theme.

All are welcome to join Participation is optional.

RSVP to all dates that you intend to participate. 


Getting Connected

10-15 minutes before the start time of your RSVPd event, you will get an email with the zoom link. 


Get Ready

Download and prepare yourself with hang-out Game Boards. If your hang-out requires a game board, you can download it here


Turn your Video On and Sound on Mute

The host will be playing music which may be interrupted from sounds your microphone picks up. Keeping it on mute to start allows everyone to hear the music. 

Virtual Hang-Out Material Gallery


Click Download to get our FREE Bingo Board. 

If you do not have a printer you can use one of the pre-made boards attached in the file. 

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All attendees must RSVP online. Click the arrow to see the calendar.


We have 4 meet-up locations. Take a look for the one closest to you.

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