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We've Got Friends has gone virtual! We had not planned to be a virtual community, however we have been inspired by the stories that have come out of this new community! We could not have been happier with this addition. 

Share this community with your classmates, teachers, and anyone you want to join you. Hanging out with a group can help make stronger connections. 

Browse our hang-out themes to find the groups that are for you! Some groups share times but you will be hanging with your crowd in a break-out. 

Wait for the event host to ask you where you're hanging that day. Don't worry, you can always change your mind at any time. 

Social Group Schedule

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Steps To Join In On The Fun



Take a look at our Virtual Events Calendar. Each Hang out will have a different theme.

All are welcome to join Participation is optional.

RSVP to all dates that you intend to participate. 


Getting Connected

10-15 minutes before the start time of your RSVPd event, you will get an email with the zoom link. 


Get Ready

Get the latest version of zoom. You'll need to know how to click into break-out rooms. If you do not know how to use zoom well, ask for help from someone in your house.


Email- Link

The host will email you a link just minutes before the start time. Wait for the link before sending an email. If you do not have a link 5 or more minutes after the start, send us an email. 

Learn How To Bring More Teens Together

Volunteers are used as group leaders. If you are interested to increase leadership and community engagement skills with peers, consider volunteering. 

This is a free community for our participants because of the kindness in your heart.

Consider $45 a month to spark new friendships this year. 

Check Back. We will be accepting applications to start a new group soon. 

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