Parent to Parent, no 1

Hello WGF Parents,

Some great things are happening with the We've Got Friends program that you'll want to know about.

For one thing, the 2nd Annual WGF Golf Outing fundraiser, at the Glen Ridge Country Club, will take place on August 23, 2021. It's our major fundraising event that keeps our program going, and free for our children.

I don't golf but I do eat, so I'm taking my son to the dinner this year. I hope he behaves but if he acts up it will only prove how much we need to keep these kids off the streets!!

We've got a great bunch of people who want to see We've Got Friends continue to grow and expand. Candi hired an expert professional fundraiser, and two other women, who helped last time WGF did this in 2019.

In 2019, I helped sign people up to play golf at the fundraiser that year. I'm not a golfer and I'm not that tech savvy. I did it anyway. It was a blast! I met new people and helped a good many others, happy to donate for a worthy cause and have fun doing it.

That worthy cause is our journey with our kids.

Most of these donors have never met and never will meet us or our children. Just think about that. They're giving to our cause blindly because they believe our kids deserve a better life. This is people helping people. My son once said to me "Do you know what kindness is?" This is kindness.

The event is to help take this program to a national scale. Men and women showed up at our 1st committee meeting last week and I bet many more would show up if they knew how much fun this is.

Can you imagine a WGF group in every state because of us?

When I first met Candi Carter some three years ago, she told me she wanted to have this friends group in every state. In the blink of an eye, there were three groups up and running in New Jersey! This is a person who shines with with a blessing over her.

I know most of you like me are time tight. But if any one else can volunteer along with me or donate $5, $10 or $20, I'm planning on putting together one or two gift baskets to auction, one is a gourmet gift basket, and another from William Sonoma (high end kitchen items). I'd like these items to be from WGF parents' donations if possible.

If you want to donate a fancy food item, monetary donation or a gift card to a restaurant I can include that in the basket.

We can arrange for pickup or delivery once we determine who would like to donate and where they are located. I will put on the card that both these baskets are from WGF parents. I will post a photo of the completed baskets on the WGF facebook page. I think we should collectively be able to do at least 1 basket, if not 2.

If anyone would like to help me make a basket, come on board!

I'll show you the tricks to making beautiful baskets that I've learned over the years and by the end, you'll be expert too!

They'll have to be really spectacular as this is a very upscale crowd. I've been on basket committees before and became expert at this for school fundraisers over the years.

The theme this year is experiences. I think food is an experience!

I hope some if not all of you will come on board.

My vision is simple, (starving-artist-low-rent here!), $20 from 10 people is $200, that buys us some beautiful gourmet foods from good stores like Kings, Whole foods, maybe Wegmans, that I can assemble into a gorgeous basket from the "WGF Superheros."

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Thank you for your time,

Mary Ann Cece, WGF Parent

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