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In person group




Our FREE in-person groups are held by chapters. A chapter is the area where the groups are located. Teens can select the location that allows them to hang out with friends that are close to where they live. Of course, families are welcome to attend other chapters and meet friends outside of their group. The only rule required for our groups: A parent or caregiver must stay with the teen the entire time. Otherwise, all we ask is to be a good friend and stay safe.


1.) Sign up online below   2.) Get email confirmation   3.) Check in at arrival on site

4.) Sign our photo release 

Montclair, NJ   |   West Orange, NJ   |   Chatham, NJ   |   Newark, NJ   |   East Orange, NJ   |   New York, NY

West Orange

Montclair, NJ

St. Luke's Church73 S. Fullerton Street, Montclair, NJ 07042 

West Orange

West Orange, NJ

Seton Hall Prep

120 Northfield Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

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Chatham, NJ

St Paul’s Episcopal Church
200 Main St, Chatham, NJ 07928

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Newark, NJ

JFK High School

311 S 10th St, Newark, NJ 07103

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New York
East Orange
east orange church

East Orange, NJ

East Orange Church18 Ridgewood Ave,
East Orange, NJ 07017 

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Harlem School of the Arts

New York, NY

Harlem School of the Arts

645 St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY 10030

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