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Social Calendar

When you find someone who loves the same things you do, you have found friendship

How Can You Join In?
1. Choose your Hang-Out Location.
2. Complete Photo Release before your first hang-out.
3. Join in the fun!

*For Zoom Hang Outs
a link will be sent to you at the start time. 
*For in-person hang outs:
Parents/Guardians are required to stay for in-person hang outs.

What are the fees to join We've Got Friends?
We've Got Friends is a FREE social network.


You guys are my best friends. Its so good to see you at We've Got Friends!


Virtual Chapters

Join us virtually on Zoom to listen to music, play games, and hang out with your friends!

robbie and gabe_edited.jpg

In-person Chapters

Join us at our in-person locations to talk and hang out with your friends face to face!

Coming Soon


JFK High School,


St. Paul's Church, Chatham


St. Mark's AME,
East Orange

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