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Our virtual groups are a way to make it easier to hang out and connect with your friends from your own home on zoom.  Select which day or days you would like to attend below. All sessions are for 1 hour or however long you can stay on, your friends are just happy to see you. When you fill the sign up form out, please let us know what activity you would like to do in the hang out group.

1.) Sign up below   2.) Get email confirmation  3.) 10-15 mins. before the start time of session links are sent

4.) Sign our photo release before you join us

Virtual Monday  |   Virtual Wednesday   |   Virtual Saturday

  • Pick from Roblox, Music, or Trivia

    1 hr

  • Pick from Sponge Bob, Sports Fan Club, or Roblox

    1 hr

  • Pick from Roblox, Music, or Broadway Charades

    1 hr