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Volunteer at We've Got Friends
We've Got Friends is only possible because of friends like you. 

Why volunteer at We've Got Friends?

Working with special needs teenagers will give you the skills to learn how to increase communication and support a friend in their social development. Volunteering with We've Got Friends will help you to learn how to work in a cognitively diverse environment and increase your awareness of those with cognitive needs. 

Share you passions and interests to get to know our participants. You may even find a new friend that you were not expecting to connect with. 

We've Got Friends will certify your volunteer hours towards any community volunteer requirements. We've Got Friends volunteers are also eligible to request a letter of recommendation if a minimum of 4 months commitment of 2 times a week is fulfilled within the same semester. 

Volunteer Responsibilities

for In-Person Hang Outs
As a volunteer, you will be responsible for helping with set up and clean up of each hang-out. You will arrive 30 minutes before each hang-out to help facilitate the set up and stay up to 30 minutes after each hang-out for breakdown and clean up. 

Each hang out session is 90 minutes. During the sessions, you will be asked to do a variety of tasks, which include support the attendees to play games, complete crafts, socialize, and dance. Volunteers should always model appropriate behavior by showing patience and a general interest in the attendees at each hang-out. 

Each session provides a meal and snacks for our participants. You will be asked to help our attendees by passing out items, including pizza, snacks, and drinks. 

Volunteer Responsibilities for Virtual Hang Outs

As a volunteer you will llog into the hang out link at the start time. Every session is organized by a site host.

The site host will generate breakout rooms with various themes. To view current vittual hang out themes, check out the hang out schedule .

You will be asked to facilitate a specific hang out group. In that you are responsible to give everyone a turn to speak or share. You are also responsible for supporting and facilitating conversation if needed. 

Virtual Hang out Images (9).png
Steps to Volunteering

1. Apply

Complete the volunteer application. Check you email for your acceptance status.

2. Profile

With your acceptance letter, you will be able to create  your digital volunteer's profile.

Accepted Applicants Only

3. Manage Schedule

Log in to select dates  and locations to volunteer.

Accepted Volunteers Only

4. See You There

Upon arrival, check in with the Hang Out Host to learn about your responsibilities.

Accepted Volunteers Only
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